Maximizing recovery in each and every case

Experience and Individual Case Attention

The evidence that we have gathered so far points increasingly to the likelihood the Atlas Peak and Tubbs Fires were started by high voltage power lines.  Fires of this nature are preventable, and the likelihood of litigation against PGE and its contractors looms.

We have waited until a sufficient and respectful time has passed after the fires before introducing ourselves as one option for being your legal representatives. What we bring to the fight is deep experience in power line fire litigation and a dedication to maximizing recovery in each and every case.  

Power line fire litigation is a small and discrete world. Not many attorneys have the necessary knowledge and experience to handle these cases well against determined utility opposition. Our perspective on power line fires, gained from long experience, forms our approach to representation of people harmed by these fires. What we offer is knowledgeable, experienced, highly personalized, ethical, and determined representation of families, farmers, vintners, and businesses to maximize recovery in a forceful and honest way. 

Our attorneys gained valuable experience in litigating fault and preparing and settling client damages over the six years it took to litigate the three 2007 San Diego fire cases against the responsible electric utilities. Representing over 550 families and businesses, the team of which we were a part of recovered over half a billion dollars for the victims of those fires against SDG&E. While a number of attorneys represented clients in the San Diego fires, none were more central to the plaintiffs’ efforts than one of our attorneys. Our experience does not stop there, as we have been hired to do power line fire cases in other states.  In 2015, one of our attorneys and two colleagues tried a power line fire case to a jury in New Mexico. They proved that two electric utilities had negligently caused the fire, ultimately winning the case and recovering millions of dollars.  

We understand each case is different and deserves personalized attention. We also understand that you have a choice among many lawyers to represent you. What we offer is different from many others competing for your representation. If you choose us, you will not be part of a lawyer assembly line or class action, which tend to mostly benefit the lawyers; nor will you be lost in the shuffle of hundreds of clients. We are not interested in “getting the most cases.”

Prevention and Compensation

Fires that are caused by electric power lines are in most cases entirely preventable. Companies that put their bottom lines above the safety of the public need be held accountable, not only to compensate those people harmed, but also to change their ways. Public safety must be first, and not second.  Done correctly, these cases serve two purposes:  compensation for our clients and prevention of further power line fires. It is important we make a difference in how utilities operate so these fires will not happen again.

Fair and Competitive Fee  

Recognizing the massive losses caused by the Wine Country Fires, we offer a fair and competitive contingency fee for our services.  All litigation costs will be advanced by the attorneys.  You will not be charged for costs if you do not recover.

Please consider the information above as part of your selection of legal counsel. We would be pleased to meet with you at any time to go over any additional information that would be important to you in making your decision.



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